Four Bucket Electric Milking Machine Pipeline Type

Four Bucket Electric Milking Machine Pipeline Type

This machine suitable that have 30 to 40 cows or buffalo

Pipeline type or fixed type machine


Special Features

Suitability: 30 to 40 cows or buffalo

Bucket: 25 liter ISI standard

Motor: 2 HP Single Phases

Single phase power 230 v

Vacuum pump: 700 PLM oil pump

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Product code: FT05




Suitability: 35 to 40 cows /buffalo

Can: 25 liter

Four can system

Floor Mounted

Efficient and Reliable for fast and Hygienic milking

Indigenous design with international Quality

Sturdy and compact

High operational fluency

Noiseless functioning

Long service life

Easy to install

Excellent functionality




Technical Specification

Power unit


Heavy duty

Motor Power (HP): 2 HP

Rotation (rpm): 1440 RPM

Voltage (V): 220 V

Flow (L/min): 700 LPM

Vacuum pump   : OIL PUMP

Maximum Tem: 85 C

Maximum Pressure: 600 mm in hg




Length (cm):90

Width (cm):30

Height (cm):36

Weight (kg):35 KG

Vacuum Tank:30  Liter


Milking Unit Specification


Multi set


Can: SS 304 -25 liter’s (ISO STANDARD)

Pulsator: 60:40 Ratios, two exit type

Milk liner: 24 mm silicon food grade

Teat cup: 4 number SS 304

Milk hoses: Nontoxic Food graded

Claw Weight (g): 2250 Gr.

Milk Claw Capacity: 240 cc

Milk Hose: 225mm (24mm x 14mm)

Pulse Hose: 200mm (14mm x 7mm)


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