Milking Machine Double Bucket Electric Cum Petrol operated

Milk two cows at the same time

Suitable: 10 To 20 Cows Per Hour
Motor Capacity: 1 HP Single Phase
Petrol Engine: Honda 2 HP
Vacuum Pump Capacity: 300 LPM Oil Type
Milking Bucket: 25 Litter.. 2 nos
Milking Time: 5-6 Minutes per two Cows

installation and training Charge Extra

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Motor power: 1 HP Single phases

Rotation (rpm): 1440 RPM

Suitable for 160 V to 230 V Operation; 50/60 Hz

Built-in Thermal over Load Protector

US Designed Switch for Reliability

Meets IS Performance Standards

Petrol engine: Approx. 2 HP

Vacuum Pump

Flow: 300 liter per minutes at free air Pressure

Max pressure (Vacuum): 600 mm in hg

Oil lubricated pump

Vanes  Fiber

Material   Cast Iron

Vacuum Port   1/4 x BSP

Milking Unit (Bucket System)

Number of bucket: 2 no’s

Can: SS 304 -20 liter’s (ISO STANDARD)

Pulsator: 60:40 Ratios, two exit type

Milk liner: 24 mm silicon food grade

Teat cup: 4 number SS 304

Milk hoses: Nontoxic Food graded

Claw Weight (g): 2250 Gr.

Milk Claw Capacity: 240 cc

Milk Hose: 225mm (24mm x 14mm)

Pulse Hose: 200mm (14mm x 7mm

Body Frame

Material: Mild Steel

Vacuum Tank: 20 liter for uniform vacuum flow

Length: 90 cm

Width:  30 cm

Height: 30 cm


Powder coated

Pipeline or Vacuum line

PVC pipe: 40 mm

Line Max length: 75 feet

Gat valves: ½ “pvc shut off valves

Advantage and Features

Suitability: 10 to 22 cows per hour

One cow at one time

Milking time: 4-5 minutes per cow Avg 12 litter

No moving parts in power source

Sturdy and compact

Powder coated body avoid the corrosion

Motor run in low voltage range ie 160v-230v

Non-stick bucket easy to clean

Efficient and Reliable for fast and Hygienic milking

Indigenous design with international Quality

High operational fluency

Noiseless functioning

Increase your productivity

Long service life

Does not harm udder health

Easy to fit and remove

High milking consistency

Low operating noise

Low operating temperature

Long vane life

Zero maintenance

Optimum vacuum over the year

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    Instalation And Traning Charge Extra

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